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Erik Sandberg

This looks rather weird; a layout bug occurs only under Windows, not under
Linux. For this reason, I can't add the bug to CVS. Also, I don't have access
to a windows box, so I can't verify the bug.

(I'm using guile 1.6.7, gcc 4.0.2)


>Hi, I've managed to isolate the problem. When I compile this:

>\version "2.7.18"
>\relative c'
>\clef treble
>\key f \major
>\time 4/4 \autoBeamOff
>g'4 r4 c2\melisma \break
>bes16[ c bes a] bes[ f' e f] e[ f g f]  e  }
>\addlyrics { me, "  " __  }
>The results are shown in extracta.pdf. But when I add a note "d" after "e"
>at the end, the result is shown in extractb.pdf. Both are generated by
>Lilypond 2.7.18 for Windows 98. If this is a layout bug, I don't know
>what's wrong.
The problem still occurs in Lilypond 2.7.23 for Windows 98. I'm led to
believe that this might have something to do with Windows 98 as Windows XP
doesn't show the problem.

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