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Hello all,

I was wondering something this morning as I was working in Frescobaldi. My snippets menu has gotten quite long over the years and I use it all the time for large projects, but is there a way to create sub-folders or sub-menus in the snippet menu? For example, if you hover the mouse over a snippet name (if setup to be a "folder" section) it would auto-expand a side-menu with other snippets vs. having a master list of scroll-able off-the-screen snippets? (see attached for mockup)

I've already organized the list as best I could with things like sections and -*- menu: Quick; selection: strip; options etc, but I was curious if there was a way to further organize snippets so the list never goes off screen in need of much scrolling. I find the snippets menu up top far easier to access than the snippets pane when I'm in a good engraving groove. I have already maxxed out keyboard shortcuts I think...



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