Figured bass extender line problem possible workaround

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Figured bass extender line problem possible workaround

Hi, I'm trying to find a workaround to the extender line problem in figured
bass in Lilypond development series 2.7.2x. Here is the file:

\version "2.7.23"
\header {
\relative { c c c c \break c c c c  }
\context FiguredBass \figuremode { \set useBassFigureExtenders = ##t \set
figuredBassCenterContinuations = ##f
\set figuredBassAlterationDirection = #1 \set figuredBassPlusDirection = #1
<10 3>4. <10 3>8 <6+ 4>4. <6+ 4>8
<10 3++>4. <10 3++>8 <6+ 4->4.  <6+ 4->8 } >>

In the attached file figbass.pdf, the extender line problem is highlighted
in the 1st bar. As you can see, the extender lines in the 1st bar are not
horizontally aligned. This appears when there is 1. A double digit figure
with a single digit figure and 2. A figure with a right sided accidental
with a figure without accidentals.
In trying to find a workaround, I have tried to add right sided accidentals
to the unaffected figures so that the right sided horizontal alignment of
the figures as well as the resulting extender lines are more or less aligned
properly (bar 2). However, the only problem here is how to make those extra
accidentals (the double sharp in the first figure and the flat in the
second) disappear. The problem with overriding the transparency of the
figures is that the entire figure with the accidental will disappear instead
of only the accidental. I also tried using the BassFigureContinuation object
to move the individual extender line but I can't since it moved the entire
double extender line. Any ideas on how to make the individual figure
accidentals disappear without affecting the main figures?

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