FYI: fix for pango on macosx error

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FYI: fix for pango on macosx error

Johannes Schindelin

in the illusion that it was that easy, I just compiled pango and installed
it before compiling lilypond. However, after a few of my own pieces were
translated by lilypond quite well, I tried to "make web". That failed when
pango tried to load the hebrew module.

I am too lazy to reproduce the exact error message, but it went something
like this: "Warning: dyld failed ..." and it said that there were multiple
definitions of a function in and

After long searching (I have an old Mac OS X, therefore fink did not help
me), I found this: you have to configure pango in this manner:

        CPPFLAGS="-no-cpp-precomp" LDFLAGS="-no-undefined -bind_at_load" \


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