Enabling Frescobaldi to load external extensions

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Enabling Frescobaldi to load external extensions

Urs Liska-3
I have (finally) started to work towards making it possible to extend
Frescobaldi with extensions. I have opened a Pull Request at
https://github.com/wbsoft/frescobaldi/pull/1129 and invite anyone
interested in looking at and discussing it. Probably this is mostly
accessible for people who can look at the Python, but there may also be
some usability aspects that would benefit from general, user-perspective
discussion. A heavily commented sample extension can be found at
https://github.com/frescobaldi-extensions/sample-extension, and at some
point there will be a tutorial on that repository's Wiki pages.

If my basic approach is accepted by the other developers this will allow
the creation of very simple Python packages that can be loaded as
extensions in Frescobaldi. They will have access to the whole
functionality that is available within Frescobaldi, but of course using
this will require the knowledge, so it won't be trivial for everybody to
create their own extensions (but it'll be a simpler task than it is now
to find *someone* to create extensions, e.g. as a commission). What I've
found so far (which was one of the motivations to actually do something)
is that Frescobaldi is a perfect environment to place some project
management GUIs into, which the extension API will make much simpler.


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