Cross-staff stems cause collisions

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Cross-staff stems cause collisions


   Please have a look at the following example.

   \version "2.21.0"
   % The accent and the dynamic collide in an ugly way.
   \new PianoStaff \with { \consists #Span_stem_engraver }
     \new Staff { \stemUp e''8 }
     \new Staff { \stemUp \crossStaff { e''8->\f } }
   % This does not happen usually:
   { e''8_>\f }
   % Actually we can reduce the example even more, althought it
   % does no longer mean anything from the musical point of view.
   \new Staff { \stemUp \crossStaff { e''8->\f } }
   It seems that span stems confuse the algorithm that avoids vertical
   collisions. Possibly linked with
   Jean Abou Samra


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