Compiling Lilypond-2.6.4 for FreeBSD 5.4

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Compiling Lilypond-2.6.4 for FreeBSD 5.4

jim smith-3
This assumes you know how to use cvsup and portupgrade, and know how
to build ports from source.  If you don't, consult the FreeBSD handbook.

First, using cvsup update your ports tree.

Next run portsdb -uU, then pkgdb -F.

Use pkg_info to see if you already have:
ghostscript-gnu OR ghostscript-afpl

If you have any of these already installed, use portupgrade -R to
upgrade them to the latest versions.  If you don't, build them from
source.  In the case of teTeX, you can build /usr/ports/print/teTeX and
that should build everything you need.  If it doesn't, we'll take care
of that later.

Download lilypond-2.6.4.tar.gz into /usr/ports/distfiles.  As root
[preferably running sudo], run 'tar -xzf lilypond-2.6.4.tar.gz'.  

Change to the lilypond-2.6.4 directory.  As root, edit configure,
changing every instance of '4.7' in the file to '4.6'.

As root, run ./configure.  If configure bombs because of old or missing
programs, install what it asks for.

If configure runs ok, then as root run 'gmake install'.  There will be
many complaints about too many errors, etc., but that is mainly about
building the texinfo docs.

If it finishes without a hitch, you're ready to roll.

Note that if you're upgrading from 2.2.2, you will have to run convert-
ly to convert your old lilypond files to current syntax.  Read 'man

If you have any questions, post them.  I built this on an i386 machine
running FreeBSD 5.4-RELEASE-p1.


72, Jim N0OCT

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