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Compact clusters

N. Andrew Walsh
Hi List,

I have the following for an electronics part in a short example for chamber ensemble:

\version "2.19.82"

\makeClusters \relative c' {
  \clef varpercussion
  \override Staff.StaffSymbol.line-count = #1
  \omit Staff.Rest
  \time 3/4
  r8. < a d >64. r r64 r < a d >64. r < a d > r < a d > r r16. r4

  | %2
  \time 5/4
  < e' d' >2 s8. < c e >16 r2

  | %3
  \time 2/4
  r4 < d f >64 r32 < d f >64 r32 r < d f >64 r32 < d f > r32 < d f >64

The goal was to notate short, rapid bursts, machine-gun-style (actually, something like a spiccato or col legno battuto notation, both of which are also useful in contemporary notation and sadly missing), but the horizontal spacing makes this example take far too much space for the short durations. 

Is there a way to force Lily to ignore durations only from this voice when determining horizontal spacing? Or a better way to get the effect I'm looking for here?

Thanks for the help,


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