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Changing layout temporarily

Jacques Menu Muzhic
Hello folks,

MusicXML allows for margins and other layout elements to be placed in so-called ‘print' element, inside measures, to change the settings for a given system:

        When used in the layout element, the system-layout element
        defines a default appearance for all systems in the score.

        When used in the print element, the system layout element
        affects the appearance of the current system only. All
        other systems use the default values provided in the
        defaults element. If any child elements are missing from
        the system-layout element in a print element, the values
        from the defaults element are used there as well.

<!ELEMENT system-layout
        (system-margins?, system-distance?,
         top-system-distance?, system-dividers?)>
<!ELEMENT system-margins (left-margin, right-margin)>
<!ELEMENT system-distance %layout-tenths;>
<!ELEMENT top-system-distance %layout-tenths;>

For example:

    <measure number="13" width="325">
     … … … … shows how to modify the indentation, both left and right, with /pseudoIndents.

Is there a way in LilyPond to change \paper variables such as  paper-height and paper-width temporarily to obtain such effects?

Thanks for your help!