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Gilberto Agostinho
Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your reply!

Andrew Bernard wrote
You may not be aware of my detailed work on slashed beams and slashed stems
that I recently contributed to openlilylib. Theres a function that provides
fine control over the parameters of beam slashes, and which works on the
left as well as the right (needed for many contemporary scores).
Indeed I was not aware of your work -- actually, this is the first time I am using openlilylib. That library is quite amazing!

I think you have somewhat different use case to me - I needed individual
control finely tuned, but is it that you want the function to automatically
compute a variable angle but based on some beam criteria?
Indeed. I had a look at your slashes, and of course your solution is very powerful when you need fine control, but what I was looking for was simply a solution that takes care of it automatically. For my own scores, these functions I adapted here work very well (in particular because I tend to force the beam of grace groups to be horizontal on my own compositions, so my slashes are consistently in the correct position).

I am sure something like that could be added to my code. The code I have
submitted has been pretty heavily tested, and apart from anything else, has
some lovely trigonometry!
If you have the interest in creating some snippets for automatic slash using your functions, that would be great of course, and I am sure me or other people will find use for it! But as of now, as I said, this here suits me very well, and I am not good enough with Scheme to try adapting your solution. When I asked for help with the bug in my function, I was not really looking for "improvements" to the results itself but rather some help to create a conditional for a specific case (grace notes without beam) which was giving me an error, and now that David has spotted the issue and sent me a solution it's all working fine for me.

Take care!