Arabic maqam and Persian dastgah

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Arabic maqam and Persian dastgah

Hans Åberg-2

> On 22 Nov 2018, at 22:25, Adam Good <[hidden email]> wrote:
> In the future I'd like to update to and would
> like to contribute something for Persian / Iranian music.

I have made the Arabic maqam for E53 and for Helmholtz-Ellis accidentals using Graham's, for the maqam at [1]. You need only to change the glyphs. I send it to you off the list. Note that the Arabic microtonal accidentals are incomplete, only 2 as compared with the Turkish 4, so they need to put arrows on the microtonal accidentals in some case there. The Helmholtz-Ellis notation makes this clear.

For the Persian Dastgah, Kees van den Doel made a which is set in E60 I think. Lilypond lacks the Persian microtonal accidentals koron and sori accidentals, so that would requires SMuFL.


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