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[Ann] Highland Bagpipe notation

Sven Axelsson
In case someone remembers, there was some traffic on the list about
six months ago about using Lilypond with Scottish Highland Bagpipe
notation. Andrew McNabb did some work on this.

Well, I have messed around with it too, waiting 2.6.0 to be released
to get some features I needed (not for notation in particular, but
for text formatting). I think I have a pretty useable package now.

For those interested, you can see an example of how this works here:
http://www.svenax.net/files/cheatsheet.pdf. If you want to try it out
you can do so here: http://www.svenax.net/files/bagpipe.zip.

Note that the cheatsheet.ly file contains a sponsored feature for
wrapping text that isn't publicly available yet. Just remove the
\justify commands at the bottom of the file to compile.

Any comments or questions can be put to the list or to

P/S Sven Axelsson, The Murray Pipes & Drums of Gothenburg
www.svenax.net (private), www.murrays.nu (band)
mailto:[hidden email]

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