2.7.37 under W98 OK

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2.7.37 under W98 OK

Graeme St.Clair
Seems to work!  In another e-mail I notify a small problem (not specific to
this version), but the product installed without any real problems on W98.  At
first, I seemed to be getting a few hangs, but a couple of re-boots seemed to
fix it, if indeed it was anything other than general M$ unreliability.

I did have to fix the %PATH% manually, which I didn'thave to do when installing
2.6.5 on XP - perhaps a note in a README?

On this m/c, it was very slow (about 10 minutes for 39 bars of TTBB with piano
and a fair number of expression marks), but then it is only 166MHz...

Rgds, G.

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